Sunday, 27 November 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 24:11:2016.

Another two hour broadcast of eclecticism. Some new releases, some recent arrivals and some old favourites, including a "released on this day" section with The Outsiders and "Consequences" which was part of the "1 To Infinity" EP on Raw Records in 1977. The version I play comes from the "Business Unusual" compilation released by Cherry Red Records. I also play a couple of tunes from The Fall "Grotesque (After The Gramme)" LP which was released on 25 November 1980 by Rough Trade Records. It is one of my favourite LP's so I couldn't miss the opportunity of playing.
There were a couple of technical hitches to the broadcast. The CD players did not want to play The Dead Mauriacs 3" Business Card CDR "The True Message Of A False Queen" so I slipped in TG's "Adrenalin" instead. Also the storage limit on the SoundArt Radio computer hit its' limit so the programme stopped archiving at some point. Erstwhile radio engineer and MuhMur Radio compadrè Dave fixed the problem but some of the broadcast is missing. It is (at the moment) being edited in to one bite size and understandable chunk (by Dave) and as soon as it is OK I will post the link below the playlist … Alternatively keep an eye out on the MixCloud page or Facebook profile.

01: Ochu : "Verlassen Sicht Tritt Die Höhe" (Hästen & Korset) 2013.
02: Hole House : "A Place You Left Behind" (Aetheric Records) 2016.
03: Shifts : "Leaves" (Entr'acte) 2007.
04: Andrew Chalk : "Shimmer In The Sun" (Mediatations) 2015.
05: Krube : "Untitled" (B)  (Angst) 2016.
06: Chop Shop : "30 Degrees Reamer And A Stifling Atmosphere On An Empty Stomach"
                             (Suitcase) 2008.
07: Throbbing Gristle : "Subhuman" (Industrial Records) 1980.
08: The Infant Cycle : "Trombone" (Drone Records) 2008.
09: The Anti Group : "Mithriac (Short Version)" (Somnimage) 2016.
10: Clock DVA : "Coil" (Vinyl On Demand) 2015.
11: Savage Republic : "The Arab Spring: (Nuit Et Brouillard) 2015.
12: Pisse : "Schwatter" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
13: Pisse : "Dienstleistung Gesellschaft" (Harbinger Sound/In A Car Records) 2016.
14: NachtHexen : "Ring Ring" (Kids Of The Lughole) 2016.
15: NachtHexen : "Fuck The Diet" (Kids Of The Lughole) 2016.
16: Alice Kemp : "Doll" (B) (SoundArt Radio) 2016.
17: Thorsten Soltau : "Merzbao Und Pachtungen Im Tier (By Haarmann)" (Morbus Gravis/m.m.
                                     Label) 2016.
18: Throbbing Gristle : "Adrenalin" (Industrial Records) 1980.
19: The Fall : "C 'n' C-s Mithering" (Castle Classics) 1993.
20: The Fall : "The Container Drivers" (Castle Classics) 1993.
21: The Outsiders : "Consequences" (Cherry Red Records) 1978.

Next broadcast will be on December 8.

01 - 04 : Images from the "SoundArt X" exhibition at Dartington Space Studios.
05: The Playlist.

Saturday, 12 November 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 10:11:2016.

Apologies for the late posting, life, work and such got pretty hectic and tiring and being able to sit down and type this blog has been difficult. (still you're not interested in this .. and no i didn't just sit and watch the England Scotland game).
A rather eclectic mix of sound here playing some new arrivals / releases and catching up with some old favourites .. For the first time ever I altered the playlist on the evening, so the corresponding picture of platter played doesn't quite match. I was going to play Starfuckers version of "Dear Prudence" from the "Vidas Illustres" compilation CD (Temple House) but it didn't want to load in either of the CD players so I played Arv & Miljö "Untitled #1" and Column One "Frauen Ohne Ende" from the "Dream Time" CD instead. This meant the Chalk / Chetwin / Plagne track "Some Trees Parts 1-3" also got lost. Never mind.

On at the Dartington Space Studios (home of SoundArt Radio) there is an exhibition / installation of ten years of SoundArt Radio. If you are in the area I recommend popping in. I have included some pictures from the exhibition here.
Next broadcast is on November 24 at 20:00 (GMT). Please copy + paste :

01: Louie Rice : "Puxe #1" (Porta) 2016.
02: Louie Rice : "Puxe #2" (Porta) 2016.
03: Thorsten Soltau : "Tierbedbachtungen In Herz (By Weiss)" (Morbus Gravis/m.m.label) 2016.
04: Column One : "Fat Finger" (90% Wasser/Dossier Records) 2005.
05: Krube : "Untitled" (Fragment Factory) 2016.
06: The Pop Group : "Savage Sea" (Radar Records) 1996.
07: Leif Elggren + Edgar Allan Poe : "The Rocking Chair" (Firework Editions Records) 2012.
08: TBC : "Muskel 3" (Drone Records) 2002.
09: TBC : "Muskel 5" (Drone Records) 2002.
10: Andreas Führer/Leif Elggren : "Gang I Væsten" (Firework Editions Records/Yoyooyoy) 2012.
11: Blod : "Käre Jesus" (I Dischi del Barone) 2016.
12: Whitehouse : "Great White Death" (Come Organisation) 1985.
13: Pisse : "Fahradsattel" (Phantom Records/Beau Travail) 2016.
14: Pisse : "Alt Sein" (Phantom Records/Beau Travail) 2016.
15: Arv & Miljö : "Untitled #2" (Forever United) 2016.
16: Joachim Nordwall & Ryan Martin : "Exposing The Absurdity Of Superstition" (Robert &    Leoplold/Ideal Recordings) 2016.
17: Joachim Nordwall & Ryan Martin : "Retrace / Reverse" (Robert & Leopold/Ideal Recordings) 2016.
18: Dome : "Ar-Gu" (Dome Records) 1981.
19: Sarah Mary Chadwick : "This Fits" (I Dischi Del Barone) 2016.
20: Sharon's Last Party : "Blue Light And Blue Eyes" (Segerhuva Records) 2002.
21: JFK : "Temple Of SET" (Fourth Dimension Records) 1992.
22: Arv & Miljö : "Unititled #1" (Forever United) 2016.
23: Column One : "Frauen Ohne Ende" (90% Wasser/Dossier Records) 2005.

01: The Playlist.
02 - 04 : Pictures From An Exhibition.
05: Producer Dave at the controls!

Sunday, 6 November 2016


One of the finest labels of the past couple of years has to be I Dischi Del Barone from Göthernburg. Apart from putting out the highly readable Fördämning magazine, they have put out a series of highly essential 7" singles. It all began three years ago with the release of "The Laborartory" by Ideal Fire Company swiftly followed by "Good Intentions" by No Intention. Each 7" is limited to about 200 or so with them selling out rather quickly …
It was with the release of the No Intention single I became aware of I Dischi Del Barone and I have kept an ear and eye on them since. All the singles have a generic design. White card with a photograph or print glued to the front. It really works and thirteen releases down the line it seems to be making sense. I am experiencing conceptual audio art.
At the end of the (last) century I came across the Swedish noise project Blod with their "Romantic + Deranged" 7" EP on Segerhuva Records. Excellent harsh electronic noise with sexual and sadistic overtones. A few years later Segerhuva issued a triple LP box set of their 1990's tape releases called "Red Light District". Compelling stuff. So, I was quite surprised, pleasantly so, when a few weeks ago I saw that I Dischi Del Barone were releasing a 7" by Blod called "Käre Jesus".

"Käre Jesus" (Dear Jesus) is a short piece with double bass, accordion and a chopping acoustic guitar. Traditional music, a kind of sound I would  expect to hear if I was doing my shopping in the Göthernburg store of Lidl. There are voices from a Christian congregation moving in and out, I have no idea what is being discussed but some chap seems to have a megaphone so it might be important(?). Side B is called "Mandys Bil" (Mandy's Car) and is (again) a conversation in Swedish this time about the troubles and travails of owning a car. A saxophone blurts throughout.
One of the finest slabs of vinyl I have heard this year.

And then a good friend of mine mentions that it is not the Blod I know and love but a different Blod. Still Swedish … but different. I thought there had been some change of direction, maybe personnel change and a twelve / thirteen year gap between releases .. ideas and sounds are bound to change. But No (as Colin Newman once said). A totally different Blod. This Blod is Gustaf Dicksson. Gustaf runs the "Music Lovers" distribution company as well as the Förlag För Fri Musik label and being part of Enhet För Fri Musik.
A part of me was slightly disappointed that there are two projects called Blod. (A search on Discogs seems to suggest there are six projects called Blod!). It is something that riles me a little, why call your project the same name as a previous (or even existing) one. They even share the same genre of Swedish Underground / avant grade / electronic music (that's how it is all filed in my head). A few years ago I was sat at a bar in Bristol chatting to a chap about music etc … I was playing the Venn Festival with Anti-Valium & Anenzephalia … and he told me he was in a band called Hunting Lodge. I told him about the US band of the same name, and he had heard of them, but this didn't bother him. Man, did that guy annoy me!

I Dischi Del Barone is an essential label. They release sounds by projects I have never encountered - Sarah Mary Chadwick + Leda being the most recent as well as folk who are making the best sounds around (at the moment) Kostis Kilymis, Krube and Arv & Miljö as exhibit A.
Pay a visit to and snap the 7" singles up! They don't hang about on lists for long.

1 & 2 : Blod releases from Swgerhuva Records.
3 : Blod postcard.
4: Gustaf Discksson.
5: Blod 7" insert.
6: Blod 7" Cover.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Andrea Borghi #2.

Many moons ago when Dieter Müh were a two-piece we camped out on the wilds of Dartmoor and recorded fire. The camp fire. With our Mini-Disc recorder and Dictaphones we recorded from varying angles and distances. Back in he studio the sound was manipulated, slowed down (quite a lot) and used for the live performance "Sutreworde" which took place in Augsburg 2003.

Andrea Borghi (from the project VipCranco) has released his twelfth solo recordings "Fuochi Rituali Di San Guiseppe" (Ritual Fires of St. Joseph). Sounds split in to 3 parts. Sounds of fire. Sounds of fire multi layered and textured. Great sounds of depth, slowed recordings giving a great sense of space. Additional sounds of frying oil and "Presence" add to the dynamism. It is strange how fire can sound like water - something I remember finding out for myself on Dartmoor.
These recordings were made in Versilla, Tuscany.
The running time is 20+ minutes, and comes complete with brilliant artwork / design. To be filed along side recordings by Slavek Kwi, Chris Watson and releases by the Greunrekorder label. This CD is on (a new label to me) Unfathomlass and available on their website.

Friday, 28 October 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 27:10:2016.

This programme features the work of Paul Daniel Knowles.
Back in the late 1990's I became aware of the sound of Dachise. I can't remember whether it was the CD album "Twin Braids" or the delicious 7" single "Sugar Path". Whichever it was, I was captured by the noise. Paul was then based in Harrogate, but soon moved to Dorset and delivered the album "Imbeciles In Love". The turn of the century and Dachise melged into The Digitariat and set up HQ in London. Live performances and a slew of tape / CDR releases followed.
I vaguely remember an assault at the Red Rose in Finsbury Park. Improvised chaos.
A few months ago I discovered Paul had reverted to releasing material under his own name. Where Putrefier became Mark Durgan, BBBlood became Paul Watson, Cheapmachines became Phil Julian so The Digitariat is now Paul Daniel Knowles.

To round off the sounds I decided to play 23 minutes of artists that began with the letter "D". I hope you enjoy. Please copy & paste

Playlist :
01: The Digitariat : "Intimacy Problems" (Luggage Records) 2007.
02: Dachise : "The Sickly Raider" (Vigilant) 1997.
03: Paul Daniel Knowles : "Untitled #1" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Recorded October 2016 especially for MuhMur Radio).
04: Dachise : "Sincere Embrace" (Tochnit Aleph) 1998.
05: Dachise : "Ultra Kappa Slappa" (New Noise) 1999.
06: Paul Daniel Knowles : "Untitled #2" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Recorded October 2016 especially for MuhMur Radio).
07: Paul Daniel Knowles : "Euston Underpass #2" (Not On Label).
08: Paul Daniel Knowles : "I Was Like…He Was Like…She Was Like" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Both tracks from an unreleased Demo CDR).
09: Paul Daniel Knowles : "Untitled #3" (Not On Label) 2016.
     (Recorded October 2016 especially for MuhMur Radio).
10: Dachise : "Sugar Path" (Tochnit Aleph) 1997.
11: Deutsch-Amerkanische-Freundschaft : "Gewalt" (Mute Records) 1980.
12: Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words : "The Room Seems Empty Without You" (Killer Pimp)  
13: John Duncan : "Aidayoki Passion" (RRRecords) 1994.
14: Aaron Dilloway : "Songs About Jason (Side A)" (Lost & Found Records) 2013.
15: Detonator : "Menneisyyden Aoveet" (Freak Animal Records) 2000.

Next broadcast will be on November 10.

01 : MuhMur Radio CDR.
02: "Imbeciles In Love".
03: The Digitariat (Live).

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Wagner Ödegård

There are a few labels around these days that I will buy from on the strength of their catalogue. I may never have heard of the artists / projects they are releasing but they have never (or virtually never) let me down … I am thinking of labels like Verlautbarung and Fragment Factory in Germany, KIKS / GFR in the UK and Hibiskofon from Sweden. Sweden also have Hästen & Korset and Belaten as essential labels (although I think Belaten may have bitten the dust?). It reminds me of my youth back in the late 1970's when I would buy the latest releases from Rough Trade Records or Factory Records or Fast Product as I knew it would be "interesting".
Hibiskofon started in 2013 with cassette releases from Dusa and Tusen Är Under Jord. Earlier in the year I had played a live gig (as Dieter Müh) with Dusa in Stockholm and really enjoyed his sound. So, when the first Hibiskofon tape came out, Dusa "Segermännen", I had to investigate.
2016 and we see the fifth release from Hibiskofon. "Ur Törnedjuper" by Wagner Ödegård. I had no idea what to expect (soundwise). Wagner Ödegård could be a group or a solo artist … I had no idea and when the cassette came and I plumbed it in I still had no idea who was behind the sound.

"Ur Törnedjuper" is one thirty minute piece repeated on both sides of a C60 tape. Throughout it has the sound of worn vinyl, static clicks and skips. The sound is old and orchestral, opening with dark viking horns and beating drums. Impending and imposing, longships at dawn through arctic mists - think really early Laibach, back to the days when they were on L.A.Y.L.A.H. and Side Effekts Rekords. It's a captivating sound. And then there is a narrative, old Nordic voices start to tell a story, the horns switch to orchestral strings, to organs, to accordion and then piano and the story continues.
With the cassette comes a small piece of text, it may well be the story that is being told but I don't understand the language and the translation app I have doesn't want to know!
The piano plays a beautiful refrain as the story progresses, and then it switches, starts getting all choppy and changing, like the needle on the record is skipping. Perhaps Wagner Ödegård have gotten hold of some old Swedish 10" 78's telling old myths and fables? Perhaps they are treating this like Clock DVA when they added an alternative soundtrack to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"? Whatever, it is thirty minutes of magic and a composition / sound I have never heard the likes of before. Immediately turned over the tape to hear it all again. The stirring horns and beating drums … Classic.

So. Who are / is Wagner Ödegård? Research time. It came as a surprise to find that Wagner is a member of Swedish Black Metal group Tomhet. He uses the pseudonym Kumulonimbus, he is also known as Wulkanaz. The full dressed in black with corpse paint type of band. It is an area of music I know very little about. "Lords Of Chaos" on the bookshelf and a couple of Burzum albums I bought cheap to add a soundtrack to the reading (Although I did see Judas Priest live twice back in 1978). If I had done some research before buying this beauty I probably would never have bought it … but then again….I trust the folk behind Hibiskofon.

I have no idea how many copies are available, I bought my copy from Millstone Vinyl of Stockholm but try first. Essential.

Friday, 14 October 2016

MuhMur Radio SoundArt Radio Broadcast 13:10:2016.

An interesting broadcast! Not as I had planned but it all turned out well in the end. Arrived at the station studio to find "Mystic Dave" of Mystical Voyagers Visionary Shamanistic Show banging out some mid 1990's hardcore techno and no turntables. A previous inhabitant had unplugged the equipment meaning I had to shuffle the playlist around until Engineer Dave turned up to fix it all ….
MuhMur Radio would be lost without Dave Mutch!
I altered the irregular "On This Day" feature to fit in Ultravox!'s "Ha! Ha! Ha!" LP. Released October 14 1977 it is one of my all time favourite releases. Top three at least. It has always been with me since 1977. My elder sister had their first LP, and went to see them live in 1976 so when this LP was released I had to get a copy first. Sibling rivalry etc.
The Copley Medal track is a studio version of the piece Ryan Martin (Mr. Medal) submitted to MuhMur Radio and was broadcast earlier this summer. It appears on a split cassette with Dekorativ Parasiter. The CAM tracks all appear on their second album "Mirror Confrontations" recently released via the Danish Skrat Records label.
Please take a listen : (Copy & Paste) :

01: Maurizio Bianchi : "Infinitesimo" (EE Tapes) 2016.
02: Siegmar Fricke : "Eurocentik 2007" (Old Europa Cafe) 2008.
03: Deffektegg : "Incurable Absurdity" (Amek) 2016.
04: Kristian Olsson : "Vykort Fran Garma" (Old Captain) 2016.
05: Copley Medal : "Annex Proto" (Repartiseraren) 2016.
06: CAM : "Mirror Confrontations II" (Skrat Records) 2016.
07: Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim : "A O B" (Drone Records) 1996.
08: Shifts : "Love One (A)" (Korm Plastics) 1999.
09: Beequeen : "Fab!" (SSS Productions) 1998.
10: Beequeen : "Cool!" (SSS Productions) 1998.
11: CAM : "Foetus Part One" (Skrat Records) 2016.
12: CAM : "A Place To Go" (Skrat Records) 2016.
13: John Duncan : "This Bitter Earth" (Ideal Recordings) 2016.
14: Jonathon Briley : "The Hunter" (Broken Flag Records) 1987.
15: Ultravox! : "Fear In The Western World" (Island Records) 1977.
16: Ultravox! : "Distant Smile" (Island Records) 1977.
17: Bene Gesserit : "Chaton" (EE Tapes) 2016.
18: Gilbert/Lewis/Mills : "Mzui (Excerpt)" (Cherry Red Records) 2016.
19: Hinageshi Bondage : "Tirez Sur Le Musicien II" (Verdura Records) 2001.

The nest broadcast will be on October 27 and (hopefully) will feature exclusive material from Paul D. Knowles (AKA Digitariat / Dachise / Spastic Burn Victim). 20:00 (gmt) at or 102.5FM if your in or skirting about Totnes.

01: The Playlist.
02: "Mystic Dave".